Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Uplifting Moments Aromas Romance Taste

                           The Romance of Refreshment
                  when Valentines Day Celebrations begin...

                   Aromas!  Romance!  Taste!

                                           The Art of Confection

                    The weather might still be chilly come February 14
             put a log on the fire and turn on the Coffee machine
             Some like it hot while others prefer cool served over
             ice sipped by the pool.
                 Add velvety Chocolate to make it a Mocha
             they love it that way in sunny Boca!
                     Go GAGA with GANACHE`
                       drizzled over fruit
                     add Whipped Creme
               Serve in a Champagne Flute 

       Sweet Sensations from beginning to end
 the Romance of Refreshment is all in the blend!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Artscana Uplifting Moments Greetings Bocelli Wines

                       Elves on the Shelves
                 Stockings by the Chimney
                        Stars up in the Sky 
               Angels we have heard on high
                      sing softly a Lullaby
                                      for all who are listening
                    as the snow is glistening
                   know the sound of Holiday Cheer,
                     Christmas Spirit and Happy New Years...

                     Silver Bell Greetings by ARTSCANA "Uplifting Moments" 



                 ARTSCANA Uplifting Moments, 
                         uniquely designed  to bring you Inspiration, Happiness and Reflection.

                                                                       Elfino's Wish
                         Adopt a Wonderful Friend for Life

     All Creatures Great & Small Love Them All

             Buddy the Elf, growing the child-like spirit in us all
                                         Happy Holidays
                               Merry Christmas    
                                HAPPY NEW YEAR  

                Uplifting Moments from all of us to all of you...     



                  Vines & Strings Passionate Things
               Play me a song, let's Rock n Roll
                Music excites me Jazz My Soul  

                             and to all a good night!

                               Hope you enjoyed today's post! 
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thanksgiving the Feast of all Feasts

               The Apples have fallen and the trees are bare
             "The Feast" begins with Aromas everywhere...

                       Peel the Potatoes, roast the Squash
                         don't spare the butter it's time to nosh!

                         Wash  Peel  Core ~ Wash  Peel  Core
                                       such a loving chore...

                              "Nobody's Perfect" Punkie Pie
                              so long as it tastes good why cry?

          Try the Decadent Chocolate-Orange Brownies drenched
          in Ganache` but only after you've eaten all your Squash

          Relish the thought and anticipation of  "The Bird" in the oven
                             surely it's worth two in the bush. All the savory & sweet sides with
                  dressings, stuffing and gravy boats too, let us celebrate the feast of all feasts
                  with a glass of Wine, a Grog or Brew!






Thursday, October 2, 2014

HALLOWEEN Treats from Chefs Secret Vault

         Recipes from the The Chef's Secret Vault...
                  Handmade by something Somewhere Long Long Ago (about 4000000 hours,
             give or take a few) It can only be opened for Halloween Treats
        in the Month of October in the Odd Number Years.
           Even number years require Certain Permissions from
       The Great Chef Spirits that protect their Secret Vault of
       Hauntingly Good Recipes.
                       Beware! No one dare enter without it.

          I'll be back when I have the Secret Combination...
            Uwww, I must get that Sweet Monster Potato Recipe!



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Halloween Droneheads

 Summer's almost over, Fall around the Corn
 Ah, the beauty of a September Morn...
  I'm taking out the Sweaters and sweeping the Barn
   oiling up my Wooden Spoons and balling the Yarn.

  ALL  HALLOWS  EVE is calling for Costumes & Decorations to be made,
 it's time to prepare for the Rag-Bag Parade!  This year's costume must be unique yet able to
set a Trend, Futuristic with a Cartoon-like blend. 

                                                 Oh LOOK it's my lil friends!
                                Decorated Miniature White Pumpkins aka The Droneheads

                          On sleepless nights Artisans create
                           sometimes even in Zombie state 

                    Close your eyes and catch some zzzzzzzzzz's
                         Mother may I please please please!

                             Impossible! can't do it just yet 
                           oh no, now a craving for a cigarette
                     Quick find the Candy Corn & Marshmallows 
                                    Tootsie Rolls and Pops, 
                      Wait for it...soon the Sugars' gonna drop

                           So what does a Good Witch watch?
       The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Digital Infusion Photography by kayScana.

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                  H A P P Y   F A L L  O  W E E N!       



Thursday, July 10, 2014

Renegade Craft Fair Expo Handmade Quality

      Seasonal Crafts are the most fun to make
there's something about Crafting for a particular Season that makes it all the more fun and our imaginations just seem to know and go with it.  Be it a Holiday Bizarre or Seasonal Fair, 
Artisans love gathering to show their works as much as the Buyers that anticipate the goodies
 they'll be returning home with.  

  pictured above: Antique Player Piano with Halloween themed characters on wood blocks.

  Summer Craft Fairs have a wonderful assortment of everything.
 Nautical Decor for Seaside Cottages,Rustic for Countryside Cabins,Chic for City Living
 to Autumn & Winter Craft Supplies. Handmade creations can and do take some time to
 complete so Crafters must stock up early whenever possible which allows plenty of time for 
paints to dry and the projects uniqueness to develop,especially if you plan to make more than one piece.

                                          click here to visit the Renegade Craft Fair it's AWESOME!

 At the very least you will be Inspired to create something or find a Quality Handmade Piece,

                      R e - P u r p o s e     R e - C r e a t e     

                        D e s i g n   C r a f t         

                          and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty it's all part of the fun! 

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summertime and the Salmon is eSea

        Wild Alaskan Salmon grilled,baked or smoked is
 an easy Summertime meal you'll want to make as often
 as you can while it's still available on the market.

  It doesn't get any healthier than this,with a side of Carrot,
 Mango & String-bean Salad your tastebuds will love
 and your body will embrace! If you haven't yet tried  Cedar Planked Salmon
  it's something you'll want to put on your Summertime Menus. You can also use farm-raised
 or other varieties but honestly the Wild, Alaskan is the best in my opinion. A buttery, rich flavor
 it is as tasty as the Tuna, Swordfish or Kingfish. Shown above served with sauteed Stringbeans,
shredded Carrots and Mango chunks in a warmed delicate Balsamic Sauce.

          Great News for Old Bay Seasoning lovers


          You can make these Potato Bites yourself or buy the
       Old Bay Seasoning ready made ones that are Yummy!
       Sprinkle some grated cheese on them and add another
       layer of flavor, if you prefer sweet & savory dust with
       powdered sugar. Deliciousness either way!

                            Cedar plank Salmon with Steve
                                 Happy Summertime Eats!
                                         Bon Appetit`




Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Pallets

       a Summer of Art with inspirations from the heart
 Load up your pallets with fresh paints to spread across canvas
                   go big in size for surely you won't miss,
         the chance to express what's waiting to be seen
               layered in shades of Blue, Red & Green...


                            So many colors to choose from...
  as you look around trying to decide,it might just be easier to 
 try Color-blending. A unique way to express mood & reflect light, both of which can be enhanced depending on the paints you choose. Photograph the objects or scene first and then pick a medium or mixed-media suited to your likes.

 You might want to try Pastels or Color Pencils first then
 Paint or visa-versa or perhaps you prefer a more illustrative
technical approach like Pen & Ink. 

                Either way, Summertime is a great time of year
                            to create Awesome works of Art.

                        H A N D C R A F T S   

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                        G A R D E N   A R T

                        Masonite or Wood Hand Painted Signs

                              M O B I L E S


             H O L I D A Y    O R N A M E N T S  
                (soon it'll be Christmas in July)

                       beat the heat by making some Cool Art!

                              Thanks for visiting the blog 

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