Monday, March 9, 2015

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 Creativity flows in many forms, from the tip of a Pen, the stroke of a Brush, the findings on a piece of Jewelry or even a component on  Electronics. Often people wonder how certain things are made while others can just simply look and know how it all starts by connecting the dots, measuring fabrics or visualizing what their interpretation of a thought might be.

     A masterpiece does not always begin as such the color choices, what ends up on the pallet or page, lighting, mood, ingredients (if you're a Culinarian Type) props,subject matter or a blank stare at a canvas are only some of what factors in.
         Uplifting Moments... when you hear a verse like
 "the hills are alive with the Sound of Music" sung by the great  Julie Andrews it just captures your imagination and journeys you into her role. I had the honor of singing those beautiful lyrics at a ceremony and learned early on how much I appreciated her as an Actor and Singer.
         Celebrating a 50th Anniversary is 
 a pretty special occasion. The Sound of Music, an all time favorite production turned masterpiece that so many a fan enjoy watching over and over again because it's just magical!


                       Julie Andrews singing Favorite Things 

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Secret Style Sources Design and Decor

    When Seasons change so does Decor, Open the front door!
    Add some new or Vintage accent pieces for Comfort and Style,
   Color choices and Designs that you'll treasure awhile.
   Where to find these Essential Elements to create such an
   amazing transformation? One must have a creative imagination...

       Light, airy fabrics for window treatments, tablecloths,
  slipcovers and upholstery offer more of an outdoorsy sensation.
                        Deck the Walls & Ceilings
     Wall Art in small groupings, Collages` or large format
                      define and complete a Decor's Style
          reflecting the personalities of people who live there 
       and somewhat Whimsical to add a bit of contrast and flair. 

                                        KScan PhotoArt, title: Deco Gecko


               Whether it's a flea market flip (thank you Lara Spencer)
         Or on-line shopping trip, the Possibilities are Endless and more
            When you have Secret Style Sources of Design and Decor...

                                           KS PhotoArt, title: Powder Puff Hydrangeas

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Oscars Eve The Powers Of Art

   Achievements, Successes,Worthwhile Endeavors,
the stuff that Dreams are made of Forever &ever

                     An evening at the Oscars
    where Art, Craft, Imagination & Dedication
         are the Recipients of Dreams Come True

                 KS PhotoArt - Title: The Powers Of Art, Digital Abstract

                                        If  ever you've asked so how'd  I do
                             hoping odds were in your favor  
                                       this is a night you're sure to savor
                                a time to be so very proud 
              no longer are you just another face in the crowd

              C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!
                      Nominees & Recipients
                      KS PhotoArt - Title: Phantom of the Oscar

       B E A U T  I  F U L   D R E A M  E R S     

                      Mama Cass,Tommy Smothers          
                        dreamin a lil dream

                In the Great Big Field Of Dreams 
      may hope find realism in the joy that everyone gets to play!



                                                Cheers! Bon Appetito!

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Snow Days Entertainment

              Inches upon Inches falling fast 
                how long can it possibly last? 
                           Glad you asked!
      If only you had the Power to squash those snow showers 
              and melt the ice away, what would you say and
          what would you play if there were more snow today...


     Boardgames by candlelight when the powers out
         Marshmallow Tag if you want to jump and shout
     Scrabble, Twister and DoughBiz for sure just stay inside
        til the Maple Syrup's pure.



Thursday, January 29, 2015

Game Day Black & White Cookies Touchdown Wings Pasta Ball Salad

                              Are You Ready for Fantastic
        Game Day Refreshments in a Big Way? 
        Serve these up in a Big Bowl or tray! 
              Starting with a Chowder or Bisque
    is no BIG risk but Vichyssoise not so much, unless you 've got 
     the magic Touch. Know the Signs that apply to this Big Game
     and make the moves that'll lead you to Fame. When the Guests 
     arrive hand them a House Cocktail or Mocktail whichever 
     their preference might be, along with a Chicken Wing and
     something from the Deep Blue Sea! 
                     the Hooters CookBook is BIG on flavor
        Crabby Dip recipe from this lil book is SUPER WOW off the hook! 

            Fish n Chips, Fried Clams, Lobster Rolls & Baked Beans,
         but the Team that gets to Kick Off remains to be seen.

            Bow Tie Pasta with Peas,Red Peppers,Blue Cheese,Salmon & Salami
                   or a Game Day Ciabatta to satisfy an 11 Man Army!

                     Big Game Refreshments are Super Treats
                       especially when it's an All You Can Eat
                 Game Day Buffet in honor of the Teams At Play!


                                   Black & White Cookies 


              H A P P Y   S U P E R   B O W L 49!
           Know the Signs and don't interfere with a Pass
                or you could end up with a Kick in the Grass Stains
                are a pain to get out unless you wanna give em
                                Somethin to talk about... 

                             by  the Great BONNIE RAITT!

                         Go SeaHawks!Go Patriots!



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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Uplifting Moments Aromas Romance Taste

                           The Romance of Refreshment
                  when Valentines Day Celebrations begin...

                   Aromas!  Romance!  Taste!

                                           The Art of Confection

                    The weather might still be chilly come February 14
             put a log on the fire and turn on the Coffee machine
             Some like it hot while others prefer cool served over
             ice sipped by the pool.
                 Add velvety Chocolate to make it a Mocha
             they love it that way in sunny Boca!
                     Go GAGA with GANACHE`
                       drizzled over fruit
                     add Whipped Creme
               Serve in a Champagne Flute 

       Sweet Sensations from beginning to end
 the Romance of Refreshment is all in the blend!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Artscana Uplifting Moments Greetings Bocelli Wines

                       Elves on the Shelves
                 Stockings by the Chimney
                        Stars up in the Sky 
               Angels we have heard on high
                      sing softly a Lullaby
                                      for all who are listening
                    as the snow is glistening
                   know the sound of Holiday Cheer,
                     Christmas Spirit and Happy New Years...

                     Silver Bell Greetings by ARTSCANA "Uplifting Moments" 



                 ARTSCANA Uplifting Moments, 
                         uniquely designed  to bring you Inspiration, Happiness and Reflection.

                                                                       Elfino's Wish
                         Adopt a Wonderful Friend for Life

     All Creatures Great & Small Love Them All

             Buddy the Elf, growing the child-like spirit in us all
                                         Happy Holidays
                               Merry Christmas    
                                HAPPY NEW YEAR  

                Uplifting Moments from all of us to all of you...     



                  Vines & Strings Passionate Things
               Play me a song, let's Rock n Roll
                Music excites me Jazz My Soul  

                             and to all a good night!

                               Hope you enjoyed today's post! 
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