Saturday, April 5, 2014

Autism Speaks Lindt Gold Bunny Treats

           Across the fine line near yet far
                                how we wonder where they are...

                                                 A U T I S M 

   is one of the most mind boggling mysteries of medicine today.

                  Autism Awareness  continues to reach out and educate people on the importance of learning more about it and helping those who need strong, empathetic alliances.

                      Beautiful Minds across the Fine Line 

                 Please visit 

                                  Lindt Gold Bunnies in Dark, White and Milk Chocolate

       Filling up those Easter Baskets with Lindt Gold Bunnies
                 will bring smiles for miles on many a child

                   Autism Speaks it's time to listen!  
                           Thank You Elvis for this Awesome song, The Wonder Of You



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Chickens Little Dickens Petunias Harry Potter

                 Springing in the breeze 
                       among the Birds and Bees
                           a Garden Affair going on...
Who's eating my flowers?  It's not the Spring Chickens so it must be the 
Little Dickens that have made their home in the trees.  They seem to like the Petunias,
they ate the entire plant and now they're snacking on Hibiscus that's looking a bit scant. 
Little mighty mice, a rat pack all their own continue to feast, on anything they can put between
 their tiny little teeth! So what does one do to discourage their chew?

                                         Petunias in Spring  Photography by KateScana

   Plant more flowers and watch what they do!
  Minimize damage to plants by offering an alternative snack to those hungry guests, otherwise known as garden pests. Did you know grocery stores actually sell Mice Food that gives them   something other than your flowers to chomp on and keeps the little dickens busy for a while?
 Sprinkling hot pepper flakes or mothballs around their hangouts is said to discourage them.



    They mock the Squirrels I kid you not and drink from the birdbath jumping
out of a tree top. Posed around the giant bowl of water it's as though they're planning a
scene from the next Harry Potter! They like to nibble and occasionally nosh, on Carrots,
Geraniums and Yellow Squash. Meandering from tree trunks to grassy fields they march to 
the beat of their own little drum ever forridging for a seed or crumb.

                                          Petunias in Spring Photography by KateScana








Thursday, March 6, 2014

Artscana Golden Portfolios

                       It all begins with an Inspiration
                     Something, Someone, Somewhere


         Sometimes you might not even know it's there...

The beauty of fresh flowers with sunbeams dancing across
their fluorescent like petals on a summer morning 

as you approach the breakfast nook with a cup of Coffee of choice
and maybe a Zucchini Nut Muffin, you glance across the table 
seeking what it was that drew you to it in the first place.
 The colors and softness of the flowers,
the way the light reflected on them and the things around them
that somehow become a part of them. 
A scenario intriguing your senses 
inspiring you to "Preserve the Moment" 

Every Picture tells a story and Creates a story for
a  Nook in the Home, Office Space or Niche` in the Marketplace

Picture Hanging how to video

A Golden Portfolio is every Artisan's Dream

Coming Soon...

the Artscana Golden Portfolios on Etsy!





Saturday, February 22, 2014

Roses at TAHDA

       T A H D A Timeless Art Home Decor Accessories
              by Artscana 
          You've just become a Homeowner or decided to
  Lease that perfect place to hang your hat, but it needs
  a little T A H D A to make it Yours...

         Revelations come in all Shapes & Sizes, be it a Timeless
    Statement Piece or an Inspirational work of Art that somehow in someway speaks to
    your emotions and intellect.  

             Designs that create a "Room with a View" Interior
    What exactly does that mean? Simply that it attracts the eye and directs the Focus
      toward a unique piece giving the room a Focal Point. Rather than stand inside the space
      looking outward it compels your mind's eye to explore the beauty within.

                      Take a little time to stop and smell the Roses

                                 Title: Illuminated Bloom Fine Art Print by Katescana 
         Placement of a Side Table underneath this Rose Print that is home to 
an assortment of  Photographs, a Decorative Bowl of Potpourri (Rose scented of course)
 and maybe a Favorite Book can turn an unnoticed space into a Welcoming Niche`

                                                    How to Dry Roses and Hydrangeas

                                                      Rose Portraits...

                                      Title: The Beauty Within Fine Art Print by Katescana

                 Great tips from HGTV's  Dear Genevieve for creating an Awesome Space...



      Your Space is what you make it whether you choose to hire a Pro,
DIY (do it yourself) or combine efforts.  Working with a Designer has many benefits that
offer an end result so gratifying that you possibly couldn't have imagined it without their
help. Design Teams are essential when you decide on a Renovation Project that involves
major or minor construction. Patience goes a long way throughout the process but the
big finish is well worth it!

  Outdoor Living Areas have become ever popular especially in
 climates that are Year round Outdoor friendly. Designer Jamie Durie creates another
 Magical Oasis for his Clients and on HGTV utilizing the best that Nature has to offer
 combined with Design Elements. 

                                     watch the Concept to Completion French Inspired Oasis

           Ready to get started? Have a look at these Rose Portraits 
        and Fine Art Prints by Katescana  TAHDA!

        Roses add a touch of nostalgia to any form of Artistic Expression. 
   Abstract, Modern or Fine Art, Roses are the leader of all flowers.

Thanks for reading the Artscana Blog! Your comments are always welcome!







Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Olympic Champs Flower Power

        Fashion Forward with Flower Power accents
                  from decades ago to today make us feel so good. 
                                   Spread the Love!
        Springtime is soon to be in the air and for all who have managed to
                outwit the overwhelming Winter's rath can't arrive soon enough. Welcome it with
                the freshness of Flowers that make you feel so good you forget about the cold.
                     Make an Easter Bonnet with Flowers on it

             Fresh or Silk Flowers, Seed Beads and Embellishments
         help create amazing designs for a style that's uniquely yours.
         Back in the days of Easter Parades people were choosing 
         their Outfits well in advance to celebrate the Holidays...

         As they strolled down the Avenues fashioning Pastels
            and Eyelets, Seersucker, Hounds-tooth and Plaids 
       always sporting Beautiful Flowers or whatever they had.
                          Orchids, Lillies, Lilacs, Roses
                 Carnations and Daffodils just to name a few
               making you feel as fresh as the Morning Dew! 
        So who's as funny and Fashion Forward as these two?
        Live with Kelly & Michael and a Pink & a Blue Shoe!
                             Fashion Forward is such a blast
                        especially when it's Present and Past...
          Put on an air-tight suit and breeze around the slopes
              get out that hula-hoop then jump some ropes
                  sport an Afro and wear a Peace Sign 
           do a little Liiiiiiive Jive cause it's O-lympic Time!

                         PEACE    LOVE   TRANQUILITY

                Adopt an Olympics Dog! Rescue a Champ!

                              The BeeGees "Stayin Alive"

           Thanks for reading this blog and Thank You to the Great Olympians who are Saving the Dogs!