Thursday, July 10, 2014

Renegade Craft Fair Expo Handmade Quality

      Seasonal Crafts are the most fun to make
there's something about Crafting for a particular Season that makes it all the more fun and our imaginations just seem to know and go with it.  Be it a Holiday Bizarre or Seasonal Fair, 
Artisans love gathering to show their works as much as the Buyers that anticipate the goodies
 they'll be returning home with.  

  pictured above: Antique Player Piano with Halloween themed characters on wood blocks.

  Summer Craft Fairs have a wonderful assortment of everything.
 Nautical Decor for Seaside Cottages,Rustic for Countryside Cabins,Chic for City Living
 to Autumn & Winter Craft Supplies. Handmade creations can and do take some time to
 complete so Crafters must stock up early whenever possible which allows plenty of time for 
paints to dry and the projects uniqueness to develop,especially if you plan to make more than one piece.

                                          click here to visit the Renegade Craft Fair it's AWESOME!

 At the very least you will be Inspired to create something or find a Quality Handmade Piece,

                      R e - P u r p o s e     R e - C r e a t e     

                        D e s i g n   C r a f t         

                          and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty it's all part of the fun! 

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summertime and the Salmon is eSea

        Wild Alaskan Salmon grilled,baked or smoked is
 an easy Summertime meal you'll want to make as often
 as you can while it's still available on the market.

  It doesn't get any healthier than this,with a side of Carrot,
 Mango & String-bean Salad your tastebuds will love
 and your body will embrace! If you haven't yet tried  Cedar Planked Salmon
  it's something you'll want to put on your Summertime Menus. You can also use farm-raised
 or other varieties but honestly the Wild, Alaskan is the best in my opinion. A buttery, rich flavor
 it is as tasty as the Tuna, Swordfish or Kingfish. Shown above served with sauteed Stringbeans,
shredded Carrots and Mango chunks in a warmed delicate Balsamic Sauce.

          Great News for Old Bay Seasoning lovers


          You can make these Potato Bites yourself or buy the
       Old Bay Seasoning ready made ones that are Yummy!
       Sprinkle some grated cheese on them and add another
       layer of flavor, if you prefer sweet & savory dust with
       powdered sugar. Deliciousness either way!

                            Cedar plank Salmon with Steve
                                 Happy Summertime Eats!
                                         Bon Appetit`




Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Pallets

       a Summer of Art with inspirations from the heart
 Load up your pallets with fresh paints to spread across canvas
                   go big in size for surely you won't miss,
         the chance to express what's waiting to be seen
               layered in shades of Blue, Red & Green...


                            So many colors to choose from...
  as you look around trying to decide,it might just be easier to 
 try Color-blending. A unique way to express mood & reflect light, both of which can be enhanced depending on the paints you choose. Photograph the objects or scene first and then pick a medium or mixed-media suited to your likes.

 You might want to try Pastels or Color Pencils first then
 Paint or visa-versa or perhaps you prefer a more illustrative
technical approach like Pen & Ink. 

                Either way, Summertime is a great time of year
                            to create Awesome works of Art.

                        H A N D C R A F T S   

                click here to visit our Etsy Shop!
                        G A R D E N   A R T

                        Masonite or Wood Hand Painted Signs

                              M O B I L E S


             H O L I D A Y    O R N A M E N T S  
                (soon it'll be Christmas in July)

                       beat the heat by making some Cool Art!

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Up Styled Summertime Gatherings Food with a view

     Sail into Summertime Gatherings with an abundance of Style at your fingertips! Create new recipes by Up-styling some old Favorites just by changing the way they're served. 

 Skewer Veggies, Fruits, (fresh or grilled)  Meats, Fish and cubes or tiny Cheese Wedges over a platter of Greens on a chilled platter.

              Presentation or how the dish is plated 
 is all part of  how to Up-Style your Culinarious Creation!

       Cappuccino Connoisseurs have come to       appreciate the artistry of Coffee Blending, 
   they enjoy the aromas, intense flavor & health benefits 

     and sometimes they even get a work of Art on the side!

      Summertime Gatherings, be it a Brunch or Cocktail Party, Backyard Barbeque or Wedding on the beach always means there's gonna be food & beverages involved so the best way to plan for these fun-filled events is to keep it simple and make it easy and enjoyable for your guests and you!

         Don't miss this FOOD issue of Martha Stewart Living

                            the tastiest Summer ever!

   "Good Things" come in small packages and the June 2014
 FOOD ISSUE is a must have collection of Living Inspirations
like the American Made Everyday Works of Art from morning coffee to candlelit dinner.  Simply Awesome & Delicious!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Razzle Dazzle Smores Memorial Day Treats

                       Memorial Day is about Honor and Pride
       it's about Courageous Men and Women nationwide...
                Heroes that have gone to a peaceful place
                         while embracing an amazing grace 
                Remember the Veterans who gave their all
                celebrate them everyday for answering the call.

                                 amazing Bill Murray in "Stripes"

  Giant Marshmallows for your Memorial Day Picnics are big kid treats!
 Huge with flavorful fun and lite on the calories, these  little - big desserts can be suited up
with Red White and Blue frosting, Berries or toasted for making Razzle Dazzle Smores.

                            Kate's Razzle Dazzle Smores
            Toast some Giant Marshmallows over the fire bowl or
       b-b-q  by placing them on a long skewer (pre-soak the
      wooden skewers)remove & layer them with Graham crackers,
     Lady Fingers, Pizelles or your favorite cookies, add some 
     sliced Cherries, Raspberries or Blueberries and top with
    a drizzle of dark Chocolate Sauce & Raspberry Liquor. 
                           These are Awesome Marshmallows!

      On the Saltier side... Onion rings, are a favorite side order
 dish served up with Hot Dogs,Burgers or Hero Sandwiches

             make a batch of Onion Rings with an avalanche of flavor
             proudly serve them to a Hero for a snack they'll savor 

                           Thank you Julia Child for all your great recipes!









Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day Baskets Steppingstones to Summer

 There's just something about May Day that nudges our senses
from Spring to Summer bringing back fond memories of preparing for all the upcoming festivities Summertime has to offer.

  Starting with May Day Baskets that later become useful for 

  Summer Linens embellished with beads or hand painted designs turn an ordinary Guest House or room into an Extraordinary retreat for vacationing travelers. Fill up baskets with fresh washcloths, bath salts, scented oils or soaps and toss in loose seashells to create lovely Gift Baskets
your guests will forever remember.   

  Himalayan Salt Lamps said to have healing properties come in all shapes and sizes that complement your decor while providing a soothing light. Some are equipped with dimmer switches so that you can adjust the brightness to the ambiance you desire.

 Gourmet Salt Vessels can be made of everything from Wood to Glass or Metalworks.
 Next to the Spice rack I keep a Salt Basket which holds containers of different kinds of salts, my favorite being the Truffle Salt from Italy. You can also make your own Gourmet Blend just as you would Butter. (Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme with Garlic Salt) 

Hand Painted Baskets make beautiful gifts, filled with goodies, Picnic treats or
whatever you choose to present in it, May Day Baskets are a nostalgic 
stepping stone to Summertime Fun!







Saturday, April 5, 2014

Autism Speaks Lindt Gold Bunny Treats

           Across the fine line near yet far
                                how we wonder where they are...

                                                 A U T I S M 

   is one of the most mind boggling mysteries of medicine today.

                  Autism Awareness  continues to reach out and educate people on the importance of learning more about it and helping those who need strong, empathetic alliances.

                      Beautiful Minds across the Fine Line 

                 Please visit 

                                  Lindt Gold Bunnies in Dark, White and Milk Chocolate

       Filling up those Easter Baskets with Lindt Gold Bunnies
                 will bring smiles for miles on many a child

                   Autism Speaks it's time to listen!  
                           Thank You Elvis for this Awesome song, The Wonder Of You



Thursday, March 6, 2014

Artscana Golden Portfolios

                       It all begins with an Inspiration
                     Something, Someone, Somewhere


         Sometimes you might not even know it's there...

The beauty of fresh flowers with sunbeams dancing across
their fluorescent like petals on a summer morning 

as you approach the breakfast nook with a cup of Coffee of choice
and maybe a Zucchini Nut Muffin, you glance across the table 
seeking what it was that drew you to it in the first place.
 The colors and softness of the flowers,
the way the light reflected on them and the things around them
that somehow become a part of them. 
A scenario intriguing your senses 
inspiring you to "Preserve the Moment" 

Every Picture tells a story and Creates a story for
a  Nook in the Home, Office Space or Niche` in the Marketplace

Picture Hanging how to video

A Golden Portfolio is every Artisan's Dream

Coming Soon...

the Artscana Golden Portfolios on Etsy!





Saturday, February 22, 2014

Roses at TAHDA

       T A H D A Timeless Art Home Decor Accessories
              by Artscana 
          You've just become a Homeowner or decided to
  Lease that perfect place to hang your hat, but it needs
  a little T A H D A to make it Yours...

         Revelations come in all Shapes & Sizes, be it a Timeless
    Statement Piece or an Inspirational work of Art that somehow in someway speaks to
    your emotions and intellect.  

             Designs that create a "Room with a View" Interior
    What exactly does that mean? Simply that it attracts the eye and directs the Focus
      toward a unique piece giving the room a Focal Point. Rather than stand inside the space
      looking outward it compels your mind's eye to explore the beauty within.

                      Take a little time to stop and smell the Roses

                                 Title: Illuminated Bloom Fine Art Print by Katescana 
         Placement of a Side Table underneath this Rose Print that is home to 
an assortment of  Photographs, a Decorative Bowl of Potpourri (Rose scented of course)
 and maybe a Favorite Book can turn an unnoticed space into a Welcoming Niche`

                                                    How to Dry Roses and Hydrangeas

                                                      Rose Portraits...

                                      Title: The Beauty Within Fine Art Print by Katescana

                 Great tips from HGTV's  Dear Genevieve for creating an Awesome Space...



      Your Space is what you make it whether you choose to hire a Pro,
DIY (do it yourself) or combine efforts.  Working with a Designer has many benefits that
offer an end result so gratifying that you possibly couldn't have imagined it without their
help. Design Teams are essential when you decide on a Renovation Project that involves
major or minor construction. Patience goes a long way throughout the process but the
big finish is well worth it!

  Outdoor Living Areas have become ever popular especially in
 climates that are Year round Outdoor friendly. Designer Jamie Durie creates another
 Magical Oasis for his Clients and on HGTV utilizing the best that Nature has to offer
 combined with Design Elements. 

                                     watch the Concept to Completion French Inspired Oasis

           Ready to get started? Have a look at these Rose Portraits 
        and Fine Art Prints by Katescana  TAHDA!

        Roses add a touch of nostalgia to any form of Artistic Expression. 
   Abstract, Modern or Fine Art, Roses are the leader of all flowers.

Thanks for reading the Artscana Blog! Your comments are always welcome!